Rib Steak with a Side of Sexism

I last visited Le Queue de Cheval 15 years ago and enjoyed it so much that it was the first restaurant that came to mind when Montreal was mentioned.  After my most recent visit…not so much.

I have two major issues with my experience at Le Queue de Cheval:

1.  Sexism
2.  Steakism

Sexism & Steakism

“Ladies Steak Knife”
“Steak Cooked Medium”
“Mens Steak Knife”

The “Ladies Steak Knife” 

Yes, you read that right.  After a presentation about the various cuts of steak we excitedly placed our order.  We started with Caesar salad made table side (so very damn delicious, especially with the anchovies), followed by the 30 oz Big Lou’s Cut Rib Steak to share (more on this is in the next section), steak frites (the best french fries I have EVER had in my life.  No exaggeration.) and grilled asparagus (meh-sparagus).

When our utensils were placed on the table I was presented with a “ladies steak knife” (he actually called it that). It would do the job but was a far cry from the magnificent tool provided to my husband and the feminist inside me would not stand for that.  Imagine my surprise when the response to my request for the same knife was  ”the manager won’t allow that”.  They would LITERALLY NOT GIVE ME THE SAME KNIFE AS A MAN.  Hubby traded knives with me just to spite them.

After the amazing salad I was so looking forward to the steak…so we carried on.

“Montreal medium = Rare?”

Once our steak arrived we immediately knew I wouldn’t be able to eat or enjoy it.  We’d ordered it done medium but what arrived was definitely rare, just slightly above blue. I realize that due to the size of the steak, cooking it to the medium I expected may impact the outer portion of the steak, however as it was served sliced I was fairly confident they’d be able to get it where I’d expect it to be if they put it back on the grill for a bit.  We nicely asked them to cook it a bit longer, explaining our definition of medium and it came back slightly more cooked on the outside but still rare in centre.  Not wanting to cause too much more of a fuss, I did my best to eat around the rare centre and was disappointed to find the steak wasn’t terribly flavourful.

After the meal, Hubby spoke with the manager about the way the steak was cooked but stopped the discussion after he asked us where we were from…

A few things you should know about me:

  1. I am a rib steak girl (don’t even try to make me order anything else)
  2. I am originally from Alberta (Caesar’s, Mercato, Hy’s…also Alberta AAA and Prime cuts aplenty)
  3. I spent 15 years living in Toronto (Harbour Sixty anyone? Barberians?)

Basically I’m confident in saying that I know my steak.  And that steak was not worth the price.

I won’t be back. The flavour just wasn’t there, also sexism.


Wishing you Yumminess,


The List (where to eat)

I moved to #HamOnt 18 months ago and I LOVE to eat.  If I could go out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and snacks every single day I would!  This is the first time I’ve ever lived in a city where I do not also work and sadly it has been a challenge to figure out where to go and what to eat without plentiful co-worker recommendations. But then…Twitter.

I was dinking around on the internet, remembering I had a Twitter account when I realized it would make sense to find local Hamiltonians with similar interests (duh).  Within minutes I was learning from some of the best, had followed every restaurant I could find and The List was born.

I’ll be sharing what I like about of the places I visit and will update as I add new destinations to The List.

Is The List missing an amazing local eatery?  Tell me #wheretoeat on Twitter @BringingOrder

The List

Where to Eat #HamOnt




Let’s Try This Again…

So, it’s been nearly two-years since my last post.  I have been seriously remiss in finding the time to indulge my passion, organizing the hell outta everything.

Since last we caught up, I’ve moved to another city, into a larger but very similar home.  We had to redo the electrical through the house, getting rid of knob & tube wiring which entails punching holes in every wall and ceiling in the house as well as ripping out the ceilings in the basement.  Repainting and decorating all the rooms in a 2.5 storey century home has proven to be a challenge, in part because my job is demanding and in part because of the extra commute time involved.  I’m also very bad at documenting the before & after state of my projects.

I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with Pinterest in 2015 and not only am I looking at larger scale decorating projects but also simple tweaks to organizing that I can definitely use.  I went from a bungalow to a 2.5 storey home and feel like I’m already bursting at the seams!

On my list to tackle/finish before spring hits:

1. Spare Room/TV Room

2. Dressing Room

3. Craft/Sewing/Wrapping Room

I’ll start with the Craft/Sewing/Wrapping Room and will post before shots next week, along with my plans.

Stay organized!

Until next time,


Time Flies When You’re Working Every Waking Hour…

Wow.  Has it been that long since my last post?

As you may already know, I LOVE my job…perhaps too much…in fact we’d developed an unhealthy relationship over the last 2 months.

Until *very* recently I was working more hours than I was not working and that left me no time to think about blogging, let alone time to sit down and compose a post.  But it isn’t just blogging that suffered, I’ve not been on top of the laundry, the groceries or housekeeping; I’ve not been cooking dinner and preparing lunches for myself; I haven’t spent time on myself (mani/pedi’s, blowouts, organizing my lovely spring clothes/shoes/handbags).


Bad habits…they’re bad.

So I bit the bullet and had the chat with my leader about burning the candle at both ends and guess what?  She was AMAZING about it.  I mean she’s been amazing about everything but she now asks me (every morning) if I worked the night before.  If my answer is yes, I need to justify why!

The funny thing is that it only makes me love this place more and want to work harder…but I’ll save that energy for when it’s really necessary instead of making it an everyday practice.

I heart Kobo.

Until next time,


Spare Some Change?


They say the only constant is change.  How do we make it easier to accept?

Change Ahead

It is…inevitable.

When implementing (or optimizing or overhauling) process and working with others, I find it comes down to empathy and putting yourself in others shoes, thinking of what impact the change will have on those who will experience it.  I do my best to be up front about the tough parts but to also highlight the benefits of the change.

Even though I’ve done this professionally for years, I recently re-learned a lesson about presenting change to others.  Some people, like myself, embrace and even enjoy change but many others feel anxiety and a loss of control – totally understandable emotions.  It is important to not only imagine the impact and empathize from your own experiences but to do your research and understand how your audience feels about and responds to change.

When designing process, as with all things, you can’t please everyone all of the time.  It’s a matter of balance, at times we need to balance workload which means something comes off of one plate and is placed on another and it can be tricky to communicate and hard to accept.

My hope is that as I introduce change I can gain the trust of those involved.  If I can gain trust, I can count on honest feedback and open minds, both of which are crucial to the success of the process and ultimately the business.

Until next time,


Thank You Gretchen Rubin

I’m a bit late with this weeks post…but I have good reason!  I had a last minute inspiration in the form of…Gretchen Rubin!

On Monday I started my new job at Kobo working with some wonderful people to promote a great product and brand.  Aside from the job being a perfect fit for my skills, my personality and my aspirations, this Friday I had a chance to attend a discussion with Gretchen Rubin, the author who is a big part of how I ended up with my dream job!

By now you may have seen my post about returning to Project Management and after Friday’s happy coincidence I realized that I neglected to mention just how instrumental Gretchen’s work was in helping me come to that decision.  She continues to inspire me to be mindful of myself and to live each day being true to myself and my values.

I’ve been following Gretchen’s blog and day-by-day, bit-by-bit, what she had to say changed the way I look at my happiness and fulfillment.  For years I’ve been intellectually aware of the concept of being who you are and embracing it, not trying to be who you (or others) think you should be but it wasn’t until I found Gretchen (when searching for others who bring order to chaos) that the message really resonated with me.  I finally asked myself what would make me happy, rather than what was making me unhappy!  The answer to that question helped me return to doing what I love and I feel lighter, happier…I feel more…ME.

My question for you is…are you taking care of your happiness?  It doesn’t just happen, you need to stay involved in cultivating, nurturing and appreciating your happiness.

Gretchen said so many things during the hour she spent at Kobo and I just couldn’t take notes on my little iPhone fast enough!  In fact I immediately bought her book, The Happiness Project, and it is the first one I’m reading on my new Kobo Touch eReader :)

2013 is off to a great start, not only have I fulfilled my goal of doing something I love every day but I’m well ahead of my goal to read a book a month and I’m sticking to this whole blogging thing!

Wow, I guess the only thing left to say now is…thank you Gretchen Rubin.

Until next time,


My Name is Tara and I’m Addicted to Organizing.

I’ve organized, reorganized and re-reorganized all the storage and rooms in my home countless times and I find it relaxing and therapeutic, but some may say it borders on an obsession :)

Though I have no shortage of completed projects under my belt, the one thing missing from all my adventures is before and after pics!  So, as I begin this blogging journey and continue my serious crafting-based organizing projects I’ll do my best to document and share the results with you.

Over the years I have relied on various sources for inspiration but only recently have I discovered the world of organizing blogs (I know…I know…).  There is a veritable cornucopia of practical project ideas and beautiful decorating ideas out there and I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent an entire Saturday afternoon on few blogs collecting project after project for my list.  In fact, I had to physically remove myself from the vicinity of my MacBook (and then my iPad…iPhone…you get the idea).  It was very much like the first time I used Pinterest.  A-D-D-I-C-T-I-V-E.

These people have such amazing ideas, the step-by-step descriptions are fantastic and the blog designs themselves are total eye-candy!  The colour schemes and finishes and little touches tend to be feminine, with a certain whimsy in the final product that just won’t work for my home as I tend to lean towards clean, modern and slightly masculine (or less traditionally feminine) colours and finishes.  If you know of any blog out there with similar tastes as mine please hook me up by posting in the comments section.

And without further ado…my first challenge.

Cereal box drawer dividers via iheartorganizing.

Stay tuned for the eventual reveal.

DIY Drawer Dividers courtesy iheartorganizing

DIY Drawer Dividers courtesy iheartorganizing

Until next time,


P.S.  Jen is my hero

P.P.S. I will not be held responsible for the amount of time you spend on her blog


Hi Project Management…I’m Back! For Real.

I didn’t fully realize it until last year, but I am a natural project manager.

What started out as a penchant for closet organization and detailed, colour coded notes in school evolved into a passion I apply daily in my career.

I spent nearly a decade honing my PM skills before deciding to test myself and figure out whether I merely had an aptitude for project management or if I truly loved it. (Listen Project Management…it’s not you, it’s me…)

So I spent the last 5 years as a marketing manager in CRM, product marketing and acquisition and media.  It was glamorous and exciting, I had a front-row seat (and backstage pass) to photoshoots, talk show segment and DRTV commercial production.  Best of all, I continued to manage projects when I wanted to.  I spent the last year and a half of this time focused on acquisition marketing at a new company. This was my chance to find out!  Was marketing my passion?  Did I have the aptitude for it?  Would I miss project management?

It was challenging and exciting working in B2B marketing for the first time.  The product, the people and the company culture were amazing but something wasn’t right.  At first I chalked it up to missing my former co-workers but as time went on things became clear.

The thrill for me was not in finding new acquisition sources, writing copy and briefing creative, it was in outlining the tasks involved in reaching these milestones. The checklists, plans, resource negotiations, problem solving and process design sparked my creativity.

It finally dawned on me…I am a project manager.

I enjoyed my time in marketing and have no regrets, in fact I fully realized my love for reporting metrics and data analysis during this time.  Ultimately, the experience I gained is a great supplement to my project management skills but in the end it was really no contest.

Project Management…I’m Back!  For Real.

Until next time,


Nice to Meet You!

Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite some time and I’ve finally done something about it…welcome to bringing-order.com.  Here you’ll find my thoughts on project coordination and project management, staying organized in a hectic world and other stuff that catches my eye.

Find out more about me here.

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